Affordable Island holiday home investment in continental Europe

November 3, 2016

A recent site visit took me to an island just off the Atlantic coast of France – which some of you might recognise – Ile de Re. Its bigger, city neighbour, La Rochelle, home to a pre-eminent jazz festival, provides the bridge to mainland city life so it is never far away, nor is an airport for ease of access.

Island Holiday Home-Ile-de-reIle de Re is an island which offers countryside, forests, marshland, beaches, historic monuments, as well as oyster fishing.

It even has its own micro-climate, warmed by the currents from the Gulf Stream, yet it is still easily accessible from the mainland, 3km from La Rochelle. In the Charente Maritime Department lying within the region of Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes.

French Holiday home investment – managed for you

Holiday rentals are appealing, because there is the upside potential of higher yields than buy-to-let. Yet there is always the issue of a higher turnover of holiday maker visits compared with traditional buy-to-let and ensuring you get paid for each and every tourist stay. Both of these issues are addressed with the property investment model, which is set up and managed for you, in a proven and tax-efficient investment model. Ok you take a bit of a hit on yield, to enable the management company to manage your holiday home, but it becomes a hassle-free holiday home you can enjoy and get income from.

This particular holiday home investment is in a wonderful location and its value will have an added degree of protection, not only owing to its island location, but also due to the fact there is a very limited supply of homes and new builds. The Island is only 30km by 5 km and it rarely sees any new build on the island. This new complex of homes is the exception, rather than the rule.

This investment company has a tried and tested due diligence approach and robust criteria against which it evaluates each and every development, honed over a twenty year period.

Managed Holiday Home investment Property in France – tax efficient

Now there’s a reason lots of French buy using this managed model, not least because of its tax advantages. You don’t pay VAT on the off-plan purchase because you enter into a long term investment and let it out on a commercial contract.

Because the Investment company has a track record of carrying out this type of build, they are known on the market and can get access to properties, in locations which would not normally allow new build. This latest developments on Ile de Re is a perfect example of that.

And the investment company has buying clout, so they access a number of properties at one time, at a discount to the market rate, which is translated into the buying price for you, as an investor. So when you look at other properties on the market you’ll be getting up to 20% discount.

This investment company only takes on about 10% of the projects they investigate, research and conduct due diligence on. So your property will be attractive to other holiday makers and will hold its value for when you want to exit.

Don’t forget you can use your holiday home too.

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