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Property Venture® TELESEMINAR "Buying Property Abroad Made Easy?"  

Thank you for investing in Property Venture®'s latest Teleseminar. We hope you get as much out of it as some of these people have....

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Louise, I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this evening’s teleseminar “Buying a Property Abroad Made Easy”. You highlighted important factors that I would never have thought of and took great care to ensure that all of us were comfortable with the pace and content of the interactive discussion. Thank you for such a comprehensive, well-structured and informative discussion. I will certainly be recommending Property Venture to my friends and family in the future.” Julie, Walton-on-Thames


"You covered so much! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had some money to invest – it is fascinating. Thank you very much."

"Well done on the seminar. I wrote down lots of notes and looking back it was well structured and informative.  I liked the way you included the attendees during the seminar. And I thought the hour long was just enough – any longer and you start to lose focus." Carol, Weybridge.

"You are very well informed and give excellent information. You seem very knowledgeable" Yvonne, Carshalton Beeches.




canstockphoto2839848-headphones-podcast-smallDOWNLOAD from the audio link here:


Property Venture's Guide to Buying Abroad Made Easy

Either click on it to play immediately or right click on the link to generate the "Save Target As" command and then you can store it where you want to and listen to it at your leisure. Dependent on your computer, download time can vary between 3 seconds and approximately 2 mins. File size is 13.1 MB and it is an MP3 file and the recording lasts just under an hour.


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