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Property Venture® offers advice and tips through a number of media to support understanding of Overseas Property

Buying Property Abroad? Have you ever thought any of these things? 

  • Have you thought about buying a property abroad in the past, but never really known how to start?
  • Would you like to know about some of the differences between buying abroad and buying in the UK, so you can decide if it is for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" then this is a really good place to be. Property Venture® is about making buying property abroad more accessible to individuals who have not done it before, or those who simply want to learn more about it.

Louise, I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this evening’s teleseminar “Buying a Property Abroad Made Easy”. You highlighted important factors that I would never have thought of and took great care to ensure that all of us were comfortable with the pace and content of the interactive discussion. Thank you for such a comprehensive, well-structured and informative discussion. I will certainly be recommending Property Venture® to my friends and family in the future.” Julie, Walton-on-Thames

"You coveLady on the phonered so much! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had some money to invest – it is fascinating. "

"Well done on the seminar. I wrote down lots of notes and looking back it was well structured and informative.  I liked the way you included the attendees during the seminar. And I thought the hour long was just enough – any longer and you start to lose focus." Carol, Weybridge.

"You are very well informed and give excellent information. You seem very knowledgeable" Yvonne, Carshalton Beeches.

Property Venture e-newsletter - keyboardMonthly E-newsletter packed full of tips, advice, news and any special offers related to Overseas Property. To sign up for free, click here and enter e-mail address in the left hand column E-Newsletter . It covers:

  • What is happening in European and Mediterranean markets?
  • Latest overseas property trends and what is driving property prices?
  • Special offers on property, products, trips
  • Top Foreign property tips on how to best use your time and money

Common-sense-support-hand-holdingCommon-Sense Guides,
the latest of which you can download here, via the Yellow box on the Homepage
It addresses the key question “To what extent is Overseas Property a good investment opportunity?” and includes:

  • How does property compare with other asset classes?
  • What role does Overseas Property play in an investment portfolio?
  • What has happened to Overseas Property values during the global economic downturn?



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