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The tax year in Cyprus is the calendar year ending on December 31st.

Cyprus’s tax system is similar to that of the UK. Cyprus has a Double-Taxation Treaty with many countries, including the UK. This means that a property investor or homebuyer should not be subjected to duplicate taxes, or paying tax twice. Taxes due in Cyprus are offset against domestic taxes, where such an agreement is in place.

Cyprus property transaction taxes - for the purchase

Stamp duty on Property in Cyprus

Is levied within the range of 1.5%-2% depending on property value.

VAT on property in Cyprus

VAT rate is 19% (2014). A reduced rate of VAT is charged on some products e.g. 5% for a primary home purchase. Property letting services are exempt from VAT.

Cypriot Property Capital Gains tax

Levied at 20% and based on the increase in the price of the property. In addition, the full value of the property may be transferred abroad out of Cyprus at the time of completion, if you are selling.

Inheritance tax

There is no inheritance tax or Gift Tax in Cyprus. This was abolished in January 2000

Cyprus Holiday Home, Property in Cyprus - Relevant ongoing Property taxes

Cyprus Property - Income tax

Income Tax is charged only on income earned in Cyprus. This includes income from letting property, which is taxed at progressive rates of 20-35%, depending on level of income.

A foreign national staying in Cyprus for more than 180 days during a tax year (1 January to 31 December) is considered a resident. The 180 days need to be consecutive.

Cyprus Property Tax

Rates range from 6-19% and apply per owner not per property

Municipality Tax: there may also be an annual charge levied by the municipal authorities of circa €150, dependent on property size and type

Please note: this page is provided as guidance only to home buyers in layman's terms


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