Germany: making money from renovating buildings
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Like the idea of restoring historic, old buildings to their former glory and making them usable again, so people can call them home?

And helping communities thrive by providing a greater choice of housing?

Are you comfortable investing in property, like the returns it makes, but may not want the day-to-day hassle of full-on involvement?

Do you like decent - but not outrageous - returns, which are predictable?
(Outrageous makes you feel a bit uncomfortable)

Well then, you might be interested in a business model that makes use of tax advantages.

Firstly, home-buyer tax breaks incentivise buyers and generate strong demand for buying the renovated homes.

And your investment attracts a different tax treatment to a standard buy-to-let. 

This type of investment is not for everyone, you need to be comfortable it works for you. But if you are interested let us know by putting your e-mail and telephone number below and we will get in touch. We aren't pushy salespeople, but an initial chat is important to see if this is suitable for you. 

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