Get your house in order! But how during turmoil?

March 22, 2022

If you’re a property investor, alongside your day job or an Expat investing at distance, there’ll be things on your mind currently. Like how to get your property investing on a sound footing or getting your ‘house in order’

If you’re not investing full time and property is not your career, then you might be finding it tricky to keep up with what is going on in the property world. Especially with so much world turmoil post Covid and with a war at the heart of Europe.

But keeping some of the fundamentals in mind can help.

So what are they?

Clarity of property strategy

If you have spent time thinking carefully about your strategy and how it fits with your lifestyle and needs, then don’t fling caution to the wind and change.  That’s not to say, stay closed and doggedly pursue a strategy that is not working.

Getting house in order,  London, UK

If you have a long term investment horizon then that helps buffer you against some of the short term market issues and sometimes they are not long-lasting… If you are targeting the right tenant type, then persist but adapt. Changes to market conditions like the ‘WFH’ Working from Home Phenomenon have created a different type of housing demand.

Taking control of ‘getting your House in Order’

At a time when the world feels like it is out of control it is worth spending time and effort on those things you can take control of…

Simple things like making sure you are claiming for all the expenses available to you. For example travel costs for property inspection visits, that mounts if you live abroad.

Or scrutinising your property outgoings and ensuring all the services you pay for are still valid and needed

If you are not sure what you can take control of, or whether you have a tried and tested strategy that will work for you, then perhaps now is the time to reflect? Or work with someone who is rooted in the property world and understands the kind of challenges you face and who can help you do just that.

I have helped expats and busy professionals find the right approach for them to invest, even in trying circumstances.

I have a tried-and-tested approach to help discover the optimum investment approach for clients.

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My business focuses on helping time-strapped expats and busy business people who don’t have the local presence, or capacity, to acquire the ‘right’ properties for them. Property Venture® is an award-winning, Boutique property consultancy that finds the right investment properties for clients.

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