Poland trounces Germany in year of European Football Championships

March 27, 2012

Isn’t it time to focus on some good news in Europe right now? There is some to talk about….UEFA 2012 Football Championships, arguably the 3rd biggest sporting event on the world stage, are to be held in Poland and Ukraine in June. Consider the similarities between the event and one of the host nations.

The European Football Confederation has come a long way since it was founded in 1954, likewise, Poland, as a former Eastern bloc country has come a huge distance since shedding communism in 1990, over 20 years ago, to become a powerhouse within Europe. If you needed convincing, ponder this fact, Germany is considered the powerful economy of Europe, yet the European Commission forecasts that Poland, Europe’s 6th largest economy, is set to grow quicker than Germany in 2012, +2.5% versus Germany’s 0.6%

Warsaw Property-Palace of CultureBut don’t just believe one source, others sing Poland’s praises as a great investment opportunity.

Savills Poland, says: “Economic growth in the country remains relatively high and we anticipate similar levels of investment this year…..  We may also see an increase in UK buyers on the market in 2012.”

PWC say Warsaw, Istanbul, Munich are the new hotspots for property investors in Europe.

The International Monetary Fund’s CEE representative says: “Poland is in some ways more like a large emerging market, a version of Turkey or Brazil or possibly China. In the four years since the crisis began, the Polish economy grew by 15 percent… So the performance has been extremely strong….And finally, the banking system itself is well capitalized and highly profitable, and in rather better shape than in many other countries.”

The Polish property market, according to REAS a leading property analyst, experienced higher total sales levels in the past four quarters in the majority of cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Tri-City, Poznan, Wroclaw, than the long-term average, when the demand was strongly stimulated by loans denominated in Swiss Franc. This comparison clearly illustrates that regarding the number of transactions, this result should be seen as a success.

Property price appreciation has tended to be higher in these popular cities than other parts of the country, so are proven, stable cities for property investors. There is also a strong local market in major cities like Krakow, so there is a more assured exit plan should you need to sell, as the local middle class increasingly buy their own homes.

Poland is a great place to look for investment property. Whilst it is in the EU, it has not yet adopted the Euro and Sterling has strengthened against its local currency the Polish Zloty. Sterling is now back to around five Polish Zloty to the pound, up by more than 25% on the preceding 12-18 months. This means property can be 25% or more, cheaper.

Now is a great time to consider investing in a major city in Poland, which is increasingly flexing its European muscle. Property Venture® has a city-centre development in an unrivalled location in Krakow. 43 sqm, 1 bed apartments start at PLN 387,514 or c. £77,500. Limited availability at these prices, for this location. Expect yields of 5% and significant capital growth.

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