Surrey Residential Development Extension

Concrete pouring has taken place on site at our Surrey residential development. We will soon be building the rear extension.

This is welcome news to soon be able to start getting out of the ground.

It is a major structural hurdle, en route to creating a new part to the building.

And it’s great to celebrate progress when there are plenty of things that can halt progress. Not everything can be forseen before starting on site.

Managing a project like this means not only getting to see diverse aspects of a residential build but also experience some of the challenges. This is really useful. Especially when we help time-strapped expats and busy professionals invest. They often look for the best ways of adding value to their property investments.

I care about outcomes and the process of getting there. This forms part and parcel of what I do as a personalised property sourcer.

You don’t get to pour concrete on every project. Have you?

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My business focuses on helping time-strapped expats and busy professionals who don’t have the local presence, or capacity, to acquire the ‘right’ properties. Property Venture® is an award-winning, Boutique property consultancy that finds the right investment properties for clients. We offer a bespoke sourcing and consultancy service.

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