Surrey Residential Development project update

Forgive me! I need to shout about my residential development.

We are making progress on site. After not much appearing to happen – well that is what Building Control said. We now have RSJs being installed into the build.

So excited was I, I just had to go and video the moment.

Surrey residential development

I’ve sped up the action for you. Not so much to give the impression that progress is on booster rockets. But for those of you who aren’t interested in cranes and RSJs it might seem like you are watching paint dry at normal speed.

This way you get to see over 2 minutes’ worth of footage in 22 seconds. Now aren’t I considerate 🤔😆?

The last time I was this excited was when we hired a cherry picker to put Christmas lights up in a very tall tree… And it wasn’t me who damaged the crane but my husband’s ‘driving’.

This is about passion and excitement. I care about outcomes and the process which forms part and parcel of what I do as a personalised sourcer. Helping time-strapped expats and busy working professionals seeking to build property portfolios, but their circumstances don’t allow them to easily.
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What excites you about building or property more generally?

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