If Santa were a savvy property investor what might he do?

Father Christmas would do well to think about this with a clear head and before drinking any sherry. Why?

Because he would need to have clarity of purpose

Savvy Santa Claus Investor

He would need to give careful consideration to where in the world he might invest. If in the UK he might think about maximising his income from an investment and might consider putting his money into higher yielding HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) or Serviced Accommodation. But, with that comes higher levels of involvement on his part. Given his sporadic appearances across the country, at odd times of day, he might not have the commitment or consistent levels of time and effort needed to manage these more labour-intensive types of property investments. Of course, he could find a managing agent to act on his behalf, but he would still need a certain level of ‘presence’ to keep on top of them and make sure they are representing his interests properly.

Something like a Managed Leaseback home might suit his ambitions and lifestyle well. It offers a bit of income from when it is let out, but he could still make personal use of it for when he is off-duty. Even better if it is somewhere hot like the South of France, or in a ski resort so he could take a break immediately after Christmas. Mind you he might be a bit fed up with snow by that stage, who knows?

Reality of investment timeframe

Father Christmas would also need to be realistic about how much time it will take to buy a property, particularly if he needs to apply for a mortgage. The buying process is likely to take longer, especially if dealing with a local foreign bank for a mortgage. He really doesn’t want to be forking out for expenses upfront, if he is not fully geared-up to buy.

He also needs a reality-check on what time he can dedicate to building a property portfolio alongside his busy job and tight schedule. If he wants to forge ahead nevertheless, he might need some help and support in finding and buying the right properties for him and his ambitions.

Value: a property with innate value or just simply cheap?

Some investors think they have got a great deal if they have bought cheaply. But this isn’t always the case. For example if it does not have the correct planning or build permits or licences, its value can be severely diminished or unsaleable or illegal. Or if the property is in a poor location with a scarcity of amenities, or transportation links, then it might not represent great value. Father Christmas will want to have some ‘value’ when he comes to sell, or pass it, on.

Exit: does Santa have an end game plan?

It always helps to know what might be the situation in 5, or 20 years’ time. For Father Christmas – who is getting on a bit now – he might need to consider how he passes his property on in a tax-efficient manner. Inheritance rules differ quite a bit from the UK to Continental countries like Spain or France, where descendants tend to have more rights to parental assets than is automatically the case in the UK.

I work with time-strapped entrepreneurs – like Father Christmas – and expats who don’t have the time, local presence or have gaps in their know-how to build property portfolios in the right way for them. This means you can carry on your day-to-day lives without spending disproportionate time getting sucked into investing.

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