PODCAST: Stephanie Taylor of Rent-2-Rent-Success interviews Louise Reynolds
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PODCAST: Stephanie Taylor of Rent-2-Rent-Success interviews Louise Reynolds

Tuesday 7th February 2023

Episode 166: Due Diligence for Successful Property Investment

Louise Reynolds Rent2Rent SuccessPodcast Episode 166 Stephanie Taylor

It was really enjoyable chatting with Stephanie Taylor for this Podcast interview.

It's always good to share the different ways of getting started in property especially given how hard it is these days to get on the property ladder.

Stephanie Taylor hosts a really successful Podcast on Rent-2-Rent called Rent-to-Rent Success.

Don't know what Rent-to-Rent is?
Then check out the Podcast

šŸ’„This is the latest NEW EPISODE! The essential due diligence for successful property investment is with mešŸ’„

I started out with a different technique to Rent-to-Rent, called Rent-a-Room. Sounds similar doesn't it? But it is very different.

Listen in to find out another way of getting on the Property Ladder.

Not only that .... but how to invest in property as safely as possible.

I help time-strapped professionals invest in property. But the techniques I use for the professionals can also work for those you know looking to get onto the property ladder.

There's a give-away to de-risking your property investing.

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As well as how her personalised Property Sourcing service for busy Professionals and Expats Louise helps others who want to do it themselves, but find it helpful to have a helping hand or some guidance and support along the way.

 Listen to the full Podcast here

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