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Given the sophisticated property market in the UK, there are a range of investment types, from more 'passive' investment options through to hands-on buy-to-lets

'Passive' or 'arms-length' property investments

This is for those of you who want to get the returns property can offer, but without the hassle of hands-on management. This may be for you, if you are busily employed elsewhere and want to build up a portfolio, which doesn't interfere with your day job.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation Investment

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Given it is a commercial investment it has a different tax treatment to Buy-to-Let residential property, so avoiding the stamp duty surcharge. It also qualifies for the recently announced, more favourable, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) treatment. If you are interested in investing in property which delivers up to 8% yields, but want to avoid the 3% stamp Duty surcharge that Residential Buy-to-Let attracts, as well as qualifying for the reduced CGT rates, with up to 8% CGT savings, then download the student brochure here now

This is a fully-managed, City-centre investment which delivers 8% net rental yields, assured for 5 years. Starting price is £72,500. Student property has outperformed many asset classes for returns and has a proven ability to weather a recession. 

Passive hotel investment

Investing in a hotel room, or fraction thereof, enables you to get healthy yields which you can bank without too much effort. The hotel management team manage the day-to-day bookings and upkeep, while you get the returns on your money.

High-yield Hotel Investment UK

This Five star Hotel Resort within an ancient castle – with Royal connections - is situated at the end of a 12 mile long loch and flanked by the forest laden Highland mountains, the location is remarkable. Here you get the best of both worlds, the "wow" factor investment with some personal usage thrown in. Investment starts at £30,000. Only limited suites available with the 10% net returns fixed for two years. Thereafter there is a profit-share arrangement. Download the limited hotel fixed returns offer here now

Property-backed Loan notes

City property backed bondLeading City Centre Residential Developers offer Title-backed Loan Notes, with a fixed term of between 1-5 years, with interest paid at c.10% per annum. Entry level is from £10,000. A simple, secure, pure property-backed investment product. Limited to HNW or Sophisticated investor market. Please get in contact to see if this is for you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Active property investment in the UK

Buy to let gearing for property returns

Few investments allow you to use a mortgage to buy an asset, thereby giving you a larger pot of money to buy a larger asset. This offers the opportunity for benefiting from capital uplift on the whole value of the property, rather than just your deposit, whilst repaying the loan with rental income. Given the changes over treatment of mortgage interest relief in the UK and the stamp duty surcharge, which suppress ongoing profitability for leveraged buyers, it makes sense to think of property investing more as a medium to longer term investment.

Cities like Manchester, Nottingham and Liverpool have average house prices up to 75% less than London but also offer yields of 6-9%. Download information on a managed city buy-to-let here.

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